Luu Gia Linh: “I was wise to choose Louis Koo”

Hong Kong actress, Luu Gia Linh, proudly stated that she has a keen eye for people which allowed her to find a good husband like actor Louis Koo.

On March 28th, on her personal page, the 58-year-old actress shared the news that Koo was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Venice International Film Festival. In the post, Alberto Barbera, the artistic director of the film festival, praised Koo’s ability to portray a variety of characters and genres.

Linh also added, “We raise a glass to him because of my perceptive eyes.” On DolphiTV, the beautiful actress explained that in their 15 years of marriage, Koo always allows her to do what she likes and he trusts her completely.

While Koo is not skilled at household chores and is reluctant to engage with strangers, Linh takes charge of contract negotiations, home repairs such as fixing rooms and TVs. Nonetheless, Koo makes Linh feel respected, and his career continues to thrive.

Thus, Linh believes that investing in Koo was a wise decision. The actress also joked that her husband was shrewd in choosing her, saying “He bought strong stocks.”

Lưu Gia Linh and Louis Koo have been in love since 1988 and got married in 2008. They agreed not to have children. According to Ifeng, in the early years of their relationship and marriage, the couple was perceived by the audience as an odd match because of their differing personalities–Koo prefers tranquility while Linh enjoys parties in the entertainment industry and business.

However, they have found a way to make their marriage work. When asked if she had to sacrifice a lot to maintain their relationship during an interview on Hunan TV in 2016, Linh replied, “My husband also accepts my flaws. In marriage, some people complain about having to tolerate their spouse, but in reality, the other person is also putting up with you.”

According to Setn, the wealthy couple owns real estate worth over HKD 920 million (USD 118 million) and both are active in the entertainment industry. Koo has participated in many Chinese and Hollywood film projects while Linh manages her husband’s career and runs a fashion business.

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